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Creating ideas.

We’re your idea creators for mould making and machine engineering.

To us, creating new ideas means taking on your complex problems with loads of creativity and enthusiasm. In our in-depth research and development projects we work within a broad network of partners in science and technology, which is why we are always testing and using the latest technologies. To this end, we possess a range of production processes unique in the mould-making and machine-engineering industries. These processes are perfectly mastered by our roughly 400 employees. The result is individual solutions which are well thought out down to the smallest detail and which enable us to continuously create ideas for your success thanks to their economic efficiency and outstanding quality.

Besides our aspiration to continually provide you with solutions which link the requirements of today with a vision for tomorrow, we make every effort to be a reliable partner. With a large production capacity, organised processes and continual monitoring of our production (which is already automated to a high degree), the risk to you is minimised and you are able to benefit from high availability and productivity at the same time.

Across all processes, from development consulting to feasibility analyses to top-quality production, a designated main contact partner is available to you at all times. These experienced project managers utilise their technical background knowledge to ensure a targeted flow of information, thus enabling adherence to deadlines and reliability which, along with our innovative approaches, fill many of our long-standing customers with enthusiasm time and again.

Discover the ideas we can create for your mould-making and machine-engineeringsuccess. Your idea creation team is looking forward to receiving your request.