Hofmann news

So why the new trademark? A lot has changed since the company was founded almost 60 years ago. We are no longer “just” a mould maker (Werkzeugbau), even if our company name might suggest otherwise. In recent years our machine engineering division experienced a high level of growth. Furthermore, we put a lot of effort in our research and development work. With strong partners both in the industrial and the academic sector we develop new technologies and solutions for our customers.

All these developments led to the decision to spread our wings and leave the Hofmann Innovation Group. Of course we still have strong ties to the Robert Hofmann GmbH (now Hofmann – Ihr Möglichmacher), our old partner in the Hofmann Innovation Group. But their business grew also quite strong so for the benefit of our companies and our customers we decided that each company has to go its own way to shape a successful future.

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