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Perfect-fit and flexible solutions for applications in the industrial sector which are both innovative and economical – that’s what you get from Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber when it comes to mould making and machine engineering. Whether it’s the development and production of prototype machines, the serial production of complete systems or innovative and powerful injection moulding tools, we offer solutions from a single source. Our industrial sector customers are especially interested in the tight dovetailing of mould making and machine engineering. This results in synergetic effects for many areas of application in which technical mould making and machine engineering expertise is sought after.

Industrial sector case study: 3D metal printing

At a glance
Serial production of preassembled powder bed-based metal laser melting systems of a variety of different categories and sizes, as well as the construction of preassembled prototype systems and pre-series products for Concept Laser GmbH.

The customer
Concept Laser GmbH is a pioneering and globally leading supplier of machine and system technology for powder bed-based laser melting with metals. The technological driver here is the patented LaserCUSING® process, also known as 3D metal printing, which has been developing additive production of 3D components from a rapid technology into an industrial serial-production process for over 15 years.

The task
As a serial-production and prototype supplier, Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber has been providing Concept Laser GmbH with products for preassembled Laser-CUSING® machines, systems and the associated modules.
The production of these products places the highest demands on precision and quality. In addition to great flexibility in production, other crucial requirements include adherence to deadlines, consistency in documentation and quality assurance.

The solution
Taking customer-specific functional requirements into account, the specialists at Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber developed ideal assembly concepts for the efficient serial production of preassembled laser melting systems and modules. Our product development and production experts utilised their vast knowledge for the benefit of our customer’s bottom line here. Taking assembly feasibility and serial-production requirements into consideration, they developed optimisation potential for a variety of different modules together with Concept Laser GmbH.

Thanks to the expertise and innovativeness of the idea creators, assembly lines attuned to production with preassembled LaserCUSING® systems and the associated modules were created. These lines guarantee maximum efficiency in production as well as high production quantities, short lead times and great flexibility.

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