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We do more than just create ideas for industry and the automotivehouseholdmedicalpackaging and electronics fields. Our work focuses on economical solutions to complex problems – something required in every industry. Our great depth of production and the findings of our in-depth research and development work enable you to benefit from a variety of different project services and other comprehensive services. Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber offers unique synergy between mould making and machine engineering. It’s how we find the best solutions for you.

Case study: Waterproof Hydro Parquet from hüma

At a glance:
Development and construction of a serial-production injection moulding tool for the direct application of a waterproof joint to the hüma Hydro Parquet, a wet-room parquet made of oak which is especially easy to install thanks to the lock-and-key principle.

The customer:
hüma Parkettsystem GmbH was founded by wood industry engineers Manuel Mannheim and Felix Hüllenkremer. The high-quality oak parquet from hüma offers all the advantages of a natural wood floor, but is waterproof, so it can even be installed in bathrooms. The patented SNAPCON® lock-and-key principle also makes installation of the parquet especially easy.

The task:
The task of Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber was to develop and construct a serial-production mould which could apply a waterproof TPE joint to the natural wood parquet element from hüma. The seal also had to be designed in such a way that it precisely fit the SNAPCON® installation system.
This is why it was important to optimise the sealing and interlocking geometry of the joints together with the customer first. It was also necessary to find a way to seamlessly connect the TPE joint material with the wood without damaging the parquet through high injection force.

The solution:
Our idea creation specialists developed a process together with hüma which allows the plastic to fuse with the wood to create a permanent connection without damaging the wood. This was made possible thanks to clever distribution of the injection points, among other things. The experts also found a solution suitable for serial production for creating the long flow paths with very low parquet element cavity pressure (length: 1.200 mm, width: 140 mm).

Waterproof hüma Hydro Parquet is a truly global innovation to which the specialists at Hofmann were able to contribute their experience in injection moulding tools. The mould enables hüma to provide four parquet elements with a waterproof joint simultaneously. Thanks to the expertise of the idea creators, an aesthetically pleasing and waterproof natural wood parquet which is easy and clean to install was born.

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