Injection moulding tools Assembly injection moulding.

Assembly injection moulding

Assembly injection moulding combines joining and assembly processes directly during injection moulding. This enables additional parts to be injected on directly without welding or adhesion. This enables the movable or fixed connection of multiple parts. The fact that all this takes place in a single mould means that this technology is especially economical.

The advantages of assembly injection moulding

  • Joining and assembly process already carried out during the injection moulding
  • Movable or fixed connection of parts is possible
  • Very economical, as only one mould is required

Hollow-part injection moulding technology

Our extensive expertise provides you with exceptional mould concepts such as hollow part injection, an assembly injection moulding technology. In the first work step, two half shells are injected on two different levels. In the second step, they are connected to one another and over-moulded in the too. This enables complex hollow parts to be produced directly in the injection moulding machine with no assembly, adhesion or welding required.

The advantages of hollow part injection moulding:

  • Leak-proof hollow parts directly from the injection moulding machine
  • No assembly, welding or adhesion required
  • Great degree of geometry flexibility and surface quality of the hollow space

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