Injection moulding tools Gas and water injection.

Gas and water injection

Gas and water injection are especially ideal for the economical production of thick-walled or hollow parts where the material at the core of the item is flushed out using a fluid (gas or water). This material is either led into an overflow cavity or can be conveyed back into the screw via the hot runner, making it available again for the next cycle. In addition to thick-walled parts (e.g. handles, pedals etc.), gas and water injection are also suitable for media lines made of plastic (e.g. moulded tubes for air conditioners and cooling water).

The advantages of gas and water injection

  • Reduction in cooling time
  • Elimination of joining processes
  • Material and weight savings
  • Reduction in cycle times thanks to reduction in wall thickness
  • Less distortion thanks to even post pressure inside the part
  • No sink marks or considerably reduced sink marks thanks to post pressure on the fluid

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