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Multi-component injection moulding

Multi-component injection moulding is a speciality of Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber. Moulds which process a variety of different plastics are efficient and functional. This opens up loads of options for the user. It is precisely these complex components which require a special degree of expertise and precision, such as in the design and implementation of the gating system. This is just one reason why you can trust Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber when it comes to multi-component injection moulding (among other things).

The advantages of multi-component injection moulding

  • Colour and/or material combinations for plastics
  • Variation of the different plastics properties
  • Highly economical, as different properties are combined together

Technologies used in multi-component injection moulding

A very broad range of different mould technologies are suitable for multi-component injection moulding, and each one features its own specific advantages. Depending on your individual project requirements, a variety of different technologies can be applied in a targeted way to suit your plans. As we not only create ideas for innovation for our customers, but for efficient production as well, we would be happy to advise you on the most economical solution for you. Simply contact us.

Sliding table moulds

  • The mould is moved via a linear sliding table secured on the machine clamping plate of the injection moulding machine

The advantages of sliding table moulds

  • Smaller mould investment, as one nozzle/ejector side can be dispensed with

Index plate moulds

  • Rotation integrated in the mould
  • Sections required to keep the item on the index plate

The advantages of index plate moulds

  • A large degree of freedom in designing the second component
  • The item can be back injected and oversprayed
  • Two or more stations possible

Turntable moulds

  • The mould is moved via rotation of the turntable, which is secured on the machine clamping plate of the injection moulding machine

The advantages of turntable moulds

  • Highly stable mould technology, as rotation inside the mould is not required
  • Favourable temperature control of the ejector side is possible, especially in comparison to index plate moulds

Rotary plate technology

  • Special machine (injection moulding machine) with rotating indexable insert
  • Two parting lines in succession

The advantages of rotary plate technology

  • Reduction in the required closing force of the injection moulding machine
  • Mould cavities can be positioned centrally
  • Reduction in mould size
  • Especially suitable for large parts

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