Painting in injection moulding tools SkinForm®

Painting in injection moulding tools

SkinForm® / Direct Skinning und ColorForm® / Direct Coating / Clearmelt

ColorForm® technology is a process for the production of parts with a high-quality premium surface for an economical price. In a one-step process, injection moulding technology is combined with PUR reaction chemistry to create ColorForm® technology. Here, a plastic injection moulding carrier is injected first. It is then moved to a second cavity in the mould, where it is then flooded over with polyurethane/polyurea. Both injection moulding and the coating process occur directly in the mould. ColorForm® technology thus makes it possible to replace classical painting processes. SkinForm® technology functions according to the same principle, except that foamed polyurethanes are used here. This makes it possible to produce parts with a soft-touch surface, for example.

The advantages of SkinForm® and ColorForm®

  • Practical integration of surface refinement processes
    • Both high-gloss and soft-touch surfaces possible
    • Scratch-resistant surfaces
    • Pleasant faux-leather surface feel
    • Thinnest possible refined surface
  • Reduction in logistics expenditure
  • Perfectly suitable for
    • Large-scale production
    • Complex, heavily three-dimensional surfaces with tight radii
    • Parts with points of penetration
    • Entire modules made of different parts
  • One-step process

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