Injection moulding tools Variotherm®


Through our in-depth research and development work, we create innovative ideas for our customers on a regular basis. One result of these efforts is the exclusive Variotherm® technology. Whereas with conventional injection moulding processes the mould maintains a constant temperature to the greatest degree possible, Variotherm® involves the alternating heating and cooling of the injection moulding tool. This opens up wide-ranging possibilities, such as parts with no visible joint lines, a high-gloss surface and minimal distortion. Laborious finishing work, like painting, is thus eliminated.

The advantages of Variotherm®

  • No visible weld lines
  • Improvement in surface quality
  • Less distortion and deformation of the parts
  • High-gloss surfaces achieved with conventional and even foamed plastics 
  • No traces of glass or carbon fibres on the surface when processing reinforced plastics
  • Moulding of thin-walled parts
  • Shortening of the cycle time in the case of thick-walled parts
  • Piano lacquer-like surfaces straight from the injection moulding tool

Your contact person for Mould Making

Volker Quarder
T: +49 9571 766-622