Mould production Injection moulding tools with a full-service advantage.

Mould production – Injection moulding tools with a full service advantage.


With Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber, you’ll get the finished injection moulding tool quickly and efficiently. The fundamental basis here is our design department – 30 competent employees who work on mould concepts and designs and carry out reliable feasibility analyses. In addition to the industry standard Siemens NX, high-performance simulation software is used. Thanks to fill and flow simulations, as well as mechanical and thermal simulations, you can always be sure that our moulds meet your demands down to the smallest detail. Naturally, extensive mould documentation is included. Especially helpful here is our deep expertise in a very wide range of different mould technologies, some of which are exclusive to Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber thanks to our in-depth research work.


As a part of efficient, illustration-free mould production, all the design data of your project are transparently available to our employees at all times. Any hampering of the workflow, even due to changes during production, is thus eliminated. The high degree of automation of our highly efficient production systems is also a contributing factor here, enabling you to profit from uniform precision and consistent quality. These advantages are effectively complemented by fixed processes and integrated quality control which, thanks to regular feedback to the planning and control system, ensures maximum transparency of the production status.


An overview of our production systems:

– Four automated production cells

comprised of production machines, handling robots for loading the machines and a measuring machine for checking the parts

– One automated production cell for electrode milling

consisting of a network of 5-axis milling machines and vertical eroding machines for the direct automated transfer of tested electrodes between the cells

– Two automated production cells for finishing milling work

comprised of 5-axis milling machines

Quality assurance

Besides speed and efficiency, a primary focus of injection moulding tools is quality. In this area we set standards with our climate-controlled measuring rooms. With a total of seven coordinate measuring machines, we test both parts from our own production and purchased parts as well. To ensure proper processing, this occurs after each individual production step, including seamless documentation. The fact that our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 goes without saying.


Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber offers economical solutions, even to highly complex problems. Our more than 50 employees in mould assembly put us in a perfect position for larger interrelated projects as well. Assembly groups specialised in the various different mould types finalise the moulds here, where standardised workstations enable the shortest possible lead times with maximum reproducibility. As a mould maker oversees the project from initial assembly through to the optimisation and modification phase, you’ll benefit from consistent competency and comprehensive expertise till the final polish. We also offer additional convenience services like mould instruction and training courses, either at our location or conveniently at yours.

Your contact person for Mould Making

Volker Quarder
T: +49 9571 766-622