Project services Everything from a single source.

Project services – everything from a single source.

Project management

As a successful company, we know that innovative ideas have to be created in a targeted way. This is why you have a direct contact partner at your disposal for all technical and commercial issues for the entire duration of the project and for service after the fact as well. Our experienced project managers advise you before the project actually begins to offer you the best possible solution for your injection moulding tool based on your individual requirements and needs.

You’ll benefit from comprehensive services provided conveniently and efficiently from a single source, from plastic- and mould-suitable item design to filling and thermal simulations to comprehensive after-sales services. This also includes sampling and, if desired, PPAP approvals with measurement reports all the way to capability studies. Naturally, all this takes the latest findings and processes from our in-depth research and development work into account.

Development support

The stability of an injection moulding tool and its process-reliable use are already determined during the development phase. This is why Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber has a specialist team of experienced designers who work together with you to create the ideal foundation for the serial production of your items. The comprehensive wealth of experience of these employees in a wide variety of different mould technologies and a broad range of state-of-the-art simulation tools mean you’ll get the finished product quickly and efficiently. This is ensured by our filling simulations and thermal analyses, in addition to plastic- and mould-suitable item design.

Plastic- and mould-suitable item design

A good mould starts with good planning. This is why we place great value on plastic- and mould-suitable item design from the very beginning. In close cooperation with our customers, we already make sure during the early phase of item data revision that the mould-to-be meets all requirements and is constructed efficiently. For example, we check existing wall thicknesses and carry out demould testing.

How we analyse your data:

  • Testing of the “demouldability” of the item and, if necessary, development of improved or alternative variants
  • Testing of the separation processes with optimisation, if required
  • Testing of the wall thicknesses of the item and, if necessary, development of improved or alternative variants

The benefits to you:

  • A stable and process-reliable injection moulding tool can only be created with  a plastic- and mould-suitable item design
  • You’ll profit from our many years of experience and our eye for detail, as even small optimisations to the item can result in major mould simplifications. The benefit to you is a more stable production process

Filling simulation:

You can't create ideas unless you have every variable at a glance. This is why we place great value on simulations. For our filling simulations, we specify injection-attachment points and analyse the filling behaviour, post pressure effect and distortion of the part. Using intensive simulations, our specialists are able to identify potential problems in advance, which we can then work out on the item together with you. This enables laborious finishing work on the completed mould to be minimised.

What our filling simulation can do:

  • Specification of the ideal connection type with regard to filling behaviour, weld lines, air traps and distortion through iterative simulation loops
  • Reliable presentation of special processes such as multi-component injection moulding, gas injection technology, insert technology, co-injection and lots more during the simulation

The benefits to you:

  • Increase in visual and geometric quality of the plastic items
  • Considerably fewer optimisation loops following the initial sampling
  • Early identification of process parameters for serial production

Thermal simulation:

Thanks to our many years of thermal simulation utilisation, we are able to thermally optimise moulds in consultation with you before they are even made. This enables "hot spots" to be identified early on so that they may be alleviated by our specialists. Thermal simulations offer yet another advantage: Using precise information on all cooling and heating processes, we can already provide details on the temperatures in the mould and plastic part in advance. Our moulds can also be optimally designed for the Variotherm® process in this way.

What our thermal simulation can do:

  • Ensures optimum mould temperature control using flow simulations of the temperature-control medium
  • Increases the accuracy of results by combining filling and thermal simulations
  • Development of innovative cooling channel designs for future uses in 3D printing

The benefits to you:

  • Elimination of any “hot spots” which may appear on the item by taking  conformal cooling into account during the design phase
  • Development of innovative cooling channel designs for future-proof mould design, such as 3D-printed mould inserts

Measuring technology

As a creator of ideas, we offer you a broad range of measuring technologies. Whether it's tactile 3D measurement or optical systems, we have the right technology for any part. This is how we guarantee the maximum precision of our moulds and optimum accuracy in the measurement of your plastic items.

What our measuring technology can do:

  • Tactile measurement of plastic parts with coordinate measuring machines
  • Optical 3D scanning of plastic items with GOM ATOS Triple Scan
  • Testing of part geometry using video measuring microscopy, our own contour measurement station and other tools
  • CT measurements and accredited measuring ranges through our qualified partner network

The benefits to you:

  • Quick response times in executing recursion loops
  • Interface and coordination minimisation thanks to our large in-house technology park
  • Many years of experience in the measurement of plastic parts for test reports of the highest level

Your contact person for Mould Making

Volker Quarder
T: +49 9571 766-622