Conformal cooling Reducing cycle times efficiently.

New ideas for continuous value creation thanks to conformal cooling.

Customers of Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber benefit from the successes of in-depth research and development work. For example our experts have been occupying themselves with ” conformal cooling” since the beginning of 3D metal printing. Thanks to these efforts, the technology can be found today in many moulds for serial production. Since our aspiration is to always be creating innovative ideas for our customers, we continue to constantly refine and optimize this technology.

As the idea of being able to “drill around the corner” provided the impetus for our innovative mould temperature control concepts, we can today look at contoured channels and net-like surface cooling with a mass-optimized, insulating substructure with pride. What’s more, additional functions such as pneumatic ejectors and elastic split line can be integrated directly into the additively manufactured inserts. Click here for the exciting details.

Conformal cooling in use

Miele vacuum cleaners

An impressive example application from the Miele company shows how conformal cooling can be integrated into moulds for serial production in an expedient way.

Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber created several moulds with a hybrid design for this renowned manufacturer of household appliances For this purpose, the bottom section of the insert was milled and drilled conventionally, while the complex top section was produced additively on top of the bottom section.

Through effective reduction of hot spots, it was possible to significantly minimize deformations, sink marks and waste and to decrease the cycle time by up to 30%. It was a complete success which impressively proved the added value of in-depth research and development work carried out by Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber for the customer.

Facts and figures

  • Insert size: 200 x 220 x 170 mm
  • Hybrid design
  • Additional inclusion of supply lines for the air ejectors
  • 3 moulds in use at Miele
  • 6 million parts produced over 7 years

Evolution of cooling systems

Drilled cooling channels
"Drilling around the corner"
Contoured cooling
Parallel cooling
Effective surface cooling
Air cooling
Insulating substructure

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