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BEAD.MACHINEThe innovative lightweight creation for processing plastics

The BEAD.MACHINE takes lightweight plastic processing applications to a whole new level. Our moulding machine produces components, which achieve the quality, dimensional tolerance and reproducibility of injection moulding. The BEAD.MACHINE is also fast. Reductions in cycle times of up to 50 per cent in comparison to conventional systems are made possible by the machine.

BEAD.MACHINE Partikelschaum-Formteilautomat
Produktionsmitarbeiter bedient die BEAD.MACHINE

The problem solver for particle foam technology

The best: our compact moulding machine is a marvel of energy and resource efficiency. The BEAD.MACHINE uses significantly less water and compressed air. Compared with conventional moulding machines, savings of 75 per cent or more are possible. In short: The BEAD.MACHINE is a revolution in the processing of particle foam and opens up entirely new applications and approaches. Discover new possibilities with us!

Find out everything there is to know about the BEAD.MACHINEBenefits at a glance

The BEAD.MACHINE has a lot to offer. Cutting-edge equipment technology and our pre-programmed control software makes operation and installation quick and easy. Plug & produce – that is our promise for next-level lightweight components. And those are just a few of the unique advantages that the machine offers:

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Water saving

The BEAD.MACHINE is the camel among moulding machines. Where conventional systems use water by the litre for cooling, the BEAD.MACHINE is much more conservative.

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Energy saving

The BEAD.MACHINE saves energy: It requires significantly less electricity, steam and pressurised air than other systems.

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Less damp, water and pressurised air consumption in addition to a significantly lower rejection rate: this is how the BEAD.MACHINE saves valuable resources.

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Plug and produce

With the BEAD.MACHINE, you can get going right away. All you need is a water and pressurised air connection, as well as a 63 amp socket. You won’t need a boiler house; a high-speed steam generator is perfectly adequate.

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Time saving

The BEAD.MACHINE is fast. Quick heating, steaming and cooling phases enable short cycle times for your production.

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Space saving

Occupying just 5.5 m², the BEAD.MACHINE is a real space-saving marvel, requiring about half as much space as conventional moulding machines.

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The BEAD.MACHINE achieves a dimensional tolerance that is significantly higher than in conventional particle foam processing. Turning particle foams into a genuine alternative to injection moulders.

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We developed the intuitive user interface of the BEAD.MACHINE in collaboration with users. It allows for maximum freedom in executing processes alongside detailed help functions.

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The BEAD.MACHINE pushes beyond the limits of what was previously possible in particle foam processing. With our system, you can create components that were previously unthinkable for particle foam.

BEAD.MACHINE-BlogStay up to date

Are you interested in the BEAD.MACHINE, brought to you by your idea creators? Here you will find all the important news about the innovative particle foam technology.

Would you like to know more?

3D-printed tools and peripheral equipment
Innovating improvements

The BEAD.MACHINE unlocks its full potential with 3-D printed particle foam tools. Why is that? Simple: We had the idea for the BEAD.MACHINE after conventional moulding machines failed to fully exploit the enormous potential of our tools produced using additive manufacturing. And so we developed a suitable solution: the BEAD.MACHINE.

This combination of BEAD.MACHINE and 3-D printed tool gets the best out of the system and opens up hitherto unthinkable possibilities in particle foam processing. This is what we’re offering you with the BEAD.MACHINE:

  • the ideal tool that includes all peripheral devices.
  • From grabbing and extraction devices through to partially and fully automated processes, all from a single source.
  • The service offering from the idea creators: training, maintenance agreements and on-site service.
additiv gefertigtes Werkzeug für Partikelschaum zum Einsatz an der BEAD.MASCHINE
Detailaufnahme eines 3D-gedruckten Werkzeuges für die BEAD.MACHINE

Ideas for creating opportunities
Feather-light particle foam components in injection-moulded quality

With significantly lower density than injection-moulded and spray foam components, the BEAD.MACHINE takes lightweight applications to a new level. The BEAD.MACHINE produces particle-foam components, in injection-moulded quality to boot. This opens up entirely new production possibilities: Thanks to haptics, optics and reproducibility in hitherto unthinkable quality, visual components, for example, made from particle foam offer a genuine alternative to injection moulding.

drei Partikelschaum-Teile hergestellt mit der BEAD.MACHEIN

Ideas for creating material diversity

Thanks to the precisely controllable media routing of the BEAD.MACHINE, it is possible to processes a variety of raw materials using the machine. Alongside conventional materials (EPP, EPS, EPE), the BEAD.MACHINE achieves considerably shorter cycle times when working with ETPU, for example. We are currently testing additional materials.

We are happy to carry out tests on different materials or make test components for you in our technical centre. Convince yourself of the performance of the BEAD.MACHINE yourself on site.

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For innovative ideas from a single source!

In addition to the BEAD.MACHINE, we also provide you with the optimal tools, as well as your ideal automation solution. We support you right from the start and offer everything from a single source. You will also benefit from our after-sales services. Your BEAD.MACHINE receives regular software updates and machine upgrades. Our service team also takes care of maintenance and repairs quickly and reliably.

Dirk Bernhardt

Your partner for the BEAD.MACHINE

Dirk Bernhardt
Project Director - Particle foam / BEAD.MACHINE
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