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Shape moulding machine BEAD.MACHINEThe booster for your particle foam business

Maximum design freedom and dimensional accuracy for particle foam products – more resource-efficient and faster than ever before. The ready-to-use BEAD.MACHINE shape molding machine enables long-term cost savings while maintaining high quality standards thanks to mold-specific solutions for your product.

Perfect for the EPP, EPA, ETPU, EPS, EPE and m-PPE.

Amaze your customers with particle foam 

> Premium product quality
> Low costs, less CO2
> Flexible and immediately ready for use


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Your benefits with the BEAD.MACHINE
The shape moulding machine for modern particle foam products

Vorteile des Formteilautomats BEAD.MACHINE

Economical use of resources

New design options

Maximum reproducibility

2K & Inlays

Moulds, but better

The BEAD.MACHINE shows its full potential in combination with additively manufactured moulds: Due to its low weight, short heating and cooling times are possible – and therefore fast cycle times. The changeover or adaptation of the moulds are just as quick.

Since the moulds are manufactured at short notice using 3D metal printing, you can react flexibly to new market situations – always staying one step ahead of your competitors.

Additiv gefertigtes und aus Metall gedrucktes Werkzeug in dem Partikelschaum-Formteilautomat BEAD.MACHINE
Spiralball aus 2K Partikelschaum mit Kunststoff-Inlays

New areas of applications due to 2K and inlays

Plastic inlays can be easily enclosed with particle foam and firmly bonded into a product with the BEAD.MACHINE. Our spiral ball demonstrator – developed together with the WSVK – shows how dimensionally stable and at the same time flexible the result can be.

The innovation allows you to find new solutions and open up new application areas such as in the lifestyle or technical sectors.

Compact and ready for immediate use

Thanks to its small footprint of 5.8sqm2, the BEAD.MACHINE particle foam moulding machine fits into even the smallest production halls – and onto a regular truck. This simplifies logistics and reduces transport costs.

Thanks to the Plug and Produce system your BEAD.MACHINE is ready to use quickly. Only a minimum of peripheral equipment is required to complete the system.

BEAD.MACHINE Partikelschaum-Formteilautomat
Ball aus Partikelschaum mit 2K Inlay wird von Aufsteller gehoben

Impossible designs – up to now

New design possibilities due to smooth surfaces without nozzle outlets allow creative product shapes.

Fine details and patterns are also easily possible due to the patented surface technology. This shape molding machine has the capability to transform unimaginable concepts into particle foam!

A clever system.


Particle foam shape moulding machine


Filling bin

Conveyer belt


Automation solutions


Reduce costs with maximum process accuracy

> Parallelism of clamping plates: ± 0,01 mm
> Plate positioning accuracy: ± 0,01 mm
> Max. traverse speed: 450 mm/sec

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BEAD.MACHINE Partikelschaum-Formteilautomat in einer Produktionshalle

Save resources with the BEAD.MACHINE

Icon wassersparend

Water saving

The BEAD.MACHINE is the camel among moulding machines. Where conventional systems use water by the litre for cooling, the BEAD.MACHINE is much more conservative.

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Energy saving

The BEAD.MACHINE saves energy: Due to 3D printed tools, it requires significantly less electricity, steam and pressurised air than other systems.

Icon platzsparend

Space saving

Occupying just 5.8 m², the BEAD.MACHINE fits in every factory hall and onto a regular truck. It requires only about half as much space as conventional shape moulding machines.

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Time saving

The BEAD.MACHINE is fast. Quick heating, steaming and cooling phases enable short cycle times for your production.

Your shape moulding machine for quality and individuality

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The BEAD.MACHINE achieves a dimensional tolerance that is significantly higher than in conventional particle foam processing. Best accuracy down to the millimetre – for less scrap.

Icon flexibel


Expand your BEAD.MACHINE with individual options. Choose between automation solutions, services, material development, mould design and production, or test components.

Start your particle foam production immediately

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We developed the intuitive user interface of the BEAD.MACHINE in collaboration with users. It allows for maximum freedom in executing processes alongside detailed help functions.

Icon Plug and Produce

Plug and produce

With the BEAD.MACHINE, you can get going right away. All you need is a water and pressurised air connection, as well as a 63 amp socket. You won’t need a boiler house; a high-speed steam generator is perfectly adequate.

Materials for all requirements

> Foam plastic inlays within the mould
> Material tests on request

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Partikelschaum-Musterplatten mit feinen Oberflächenstrukturen
Dirk Bernhardt

Your partner for the BEAD.MACHINE

Dirk Bernhardt
Project Director - Particle foam / BEAD.MACHINE
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