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Reliably innovative: Injection moulding tools for the medical industry

When we talk about medical technology, we often mean components and machines which patients rely on for their very survival. This is why medical technology manufacturers place the highest demands on the quality and reliability of the parts installed in their machines. It’s a task carrying loads of responsibility which Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber successfully takes on with great passion and even greater care.

For us, this means tackling loads of projects with renowned companies and the establishment of one-of-a-kind competency and deep expertise. As well, only a handful of industries have developed as heavily as the medical technology field. Last, but not least, it’s also beneficial to your success if you can trust a committed partner committed to helping shape the future of its own industry through in-depth research and development work.

In addition to innovative ideas, we offer high quality plastic housing parts, for example, which can be supplied to you injected in a conventional way, chrome plated or with a high-gloss appearance, from development through to serial production. Our deep expertise in the production of multi-component parts and the finest openings and structures also benefits us in the area of medical technology.

From our machine engineering division, you are also provided with services optimally matched to your mould, such as equipment and systems for separating sprues or turn-key injection moulding automation.

Medical technology case study: Tongue vacuum cleaner for professional use

At a glance:
Development and construction of a 2-component mould using index plate technology for the production of a professional tongue vacuum cleaner for use in dentists’ practices and which can be attached to saliva ejectors.

The customer:
Gramß GmbH is an owner-operated family-run company founded in 1989. The company produces injection-moulded items using state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines. From its company location in Spechtsbrunn, Thuringia, Germany, the company serves national and international customers in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries.

The end customer, TSpro GmbH located in Karlsruhe, Germany, developed the TS1 tongue vacuum cleaner for professional use in dentists’ practices. The TS1 entered the market in October 2015.

The task:
To produce the tongue vacuum cleaner, a new development in the field of professional use in dentists’ practices, the technical expertise of Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber was sought out. Since the cleaning implement is used in the mouth, a sensitive part of the body, it was especially important to keep the injection point on the front, delicate suction side as small as possible and to avoid any type of burring so as to rule out any risk of injury. A solution also had to be found for implementing the sophisticated nub geometry on the back of the tongue vacuum cleaner.

The solution:
The experts at Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber worked closely together with the customer from the very beginning to implement the 3D data of the product in a mould-friendly way. Special focus was put on the hot runner design so as to achieve the desired “invisibility” of the injection point. The use of 2-component index plate technology proved to be the ideal approach for satisfying these demands. With the help of extensive filling simulations, it was also possible to develop the nub geometry on the tongue vacuum cleaner so as to enable the fine nubs to be properly filled with plastic in the mould.

For the technically challenging new development of the tongue vacuum cleaner, Hofmann – Ihr Impulsgeber built a mould which combines the quality requirements of a product for use in dentists’ practices with economical cycle times. The resulting 2-component mould with index plate technology guarantees high availability of the mould. Hofmann’s technical expertise thus contributed to the creation of an idea in dental medicine.

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