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Industry expertise in the automotive sectorImpactful ideas to ensure you a safe journey.

Our ideas make an impact in the automotive industry. Through innovative plastic parts in the automotive sector, we offer our customers cost-effective solutions. Through our intensive research and development work, we always provide you with the latest manufacturing processes, accompanying you from development to assembly and service. Choose Hofmann Impulsgeber, a reliable partner with decades of experience.

Kunststoffteil für einen Auto-Seitenspiegel
Interieur-Blende für den Automobilbereich

Special, impactful ideas for every area of the vehicle

You’ll find the Hofmann impact in almost all parts of a vehicle. Here you can discover a selection of the areas in your vehicle that we offer suitable tools for. With our know-how, we ensure comfort and safety on every journey.

Beispiele Spritzguss-Werkzeuge Automotive-Bereich Siegfried Hofmann GmbH

Tools for 2K fins for adjustable motor cooling

Navigation system panel, radio panel, IMD and film insert moulding (design panels)

High-pressure injection valves (hybrid components) Air duct parts

Navigation system panel, radio panel, IMD and film insert moulding (design panels)

Tools for exterior mirrors with GID/2K technology

Tool for power window systems (door beams/rail gliders)

Tool for A, B or C-column panels with 2C or 3C technology

Tool for spoilers with assembly injection moulding technology

Limitless possibilities with our technologies

With the Variotherm® and SkinForm® injection moulding technologies we promise new possibilities for the design of interiors. But we also generate completely new ideas for vehicle exteriors. In addition to our injection moulding tool portfolio, we offer services in mechanical engineering, for example, to turn your ideas into reality.

Impactful ideas for every demand

Hofmann Impulsgeber is there for you with a high degree of expertise in many technologies and industries. In the automotive industry, we have solutions for a large number of customer requirements. Trust in the experience of real experts. Our ideas meet your demands.

Success storiesLasting impacts

We’ve expanded and perfected our experience in the automotive industry over many years. Our customers benefit from this know-how. Our ideas have a lasting impact on all of our projects – you can count on that. Our satisfied customers are proof.

Geschäftsführer Stefan Hofmann

Your partner for the automotive industry

Stefan Hofmann
Managing Director
T: +49 9571 766-9660