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Multi-cavity mouldsfor medical & packaging

Discover our customised solutions for your series production thanks to multi-cavity moulds! We offer durable mould concepts for high output quantities, short cycle times, consistent quality with maximum reproducibility and significant cost savings in production thanks to multi-cavity moulds.

Your benefits with multi-cavity moulds
thanks to our high-precision manufacturing

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Maximum output quantity

Optimised cycle times

Exchangeability of components

Air-conditioned manufacturing area

What are multi-cavity moulds?

Multi-cavity moulds are the solution for components in large quantities. These moulds consist of at least two cavities that can produce exact reproductions of the desired product. The number of cavity nests can be up to 64 or more.

Multi-cavity moulds – also known as multi-cavity injection moulds – are a key element in modern manufacturing and are particularly widespread in sectors such as the medical, packaging, and consumer healthcare industries.


Stack injection moulds

They can be your ideal solution for high output with a small tool footprint and existing machinery: stack moulds. These are particularly suitable for flat components in the packaging and medical sectors. You can look forward to the following advantages:

  • Higher production output with the same hourly machine rate
  • Cost savings through efficient planning and utilisation
  • Utilisation of small clamping surfaces for a high number of cavities
  • Various combinations of mouldings possible
  • Efficient utilisation of floor space in production halls

High-precision production

Thanks to our manufacturing area specially designed for the production of multi-cavity moulds, you can rely on maximum precision. Equipped with state-of-the-art machines, everything for your multi-cavity mould comes together in the fully air-conditioned production area.

Project management, design, production, and assembly work together here in one place, hand in hand for the highest quality down to the micrometre.

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Benefits of multi-cavity injection moulds

  1. Higher production rate: The ability to produce multiple parts simultaneously increases the production rate, resulting in cost savings and shorter lead times.
  2. Consistency and accuracy: As all cavities in the mould are identical, the parts produced are also precise and consistent, which improves the quality and reliability of the products.
  3. Space and resource utilisation: Multi-cavity moulds maximise the use of machine space and optimise the utilisation of resources. This contributes to more efficient usage of production facilities and helps to reduce operating costs.
  4. Cost efficiency: Although the production of multi-cavity moulds is more cost-intensive, the higher output quantities lead to considerable cost savings in the long term.

Multi-cavity injection moulds are therefore ideal for the series production of parts in large quantities. Thanks to their ability to increase production rates, improve accuracy and reduce costs, they play a decisive role in optimising manufacturing processes.

We will be happy to advise you on your multi-cavity project – free of charge and without obligation!

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Additional add-ons for your multi-cavity injection tool

Pilot tools

Cost-efficient pre-production mould

Article optimisation

Design, demoulding and cycle time optimisation

Spare parts management

Consignment warehouse, logistics and storage of spare parts

Automation solutions

Grippers, conveyor belts, handling, turnkey solutions

Special features of multi-cavity moulds

Multi-cavity moulds are not simple tools. They require a comprehensive understanding of injection moulding technology as well as specific knowledge of mould design, materials science and production technology in order to develop their full potential.

The following points in particular are therefore carried out by us with the utmost care:

  1. Mould design: Multi-cavity moulds require a well-thought-out design and precise construction. Through skilful design and filling studies, our experts ensure that all cavities are filled evenly and products are produced according to your specifications. Our high level of expertise in mould design is therefore crucial to your success.
  2. The right materials: Choosing the right mould material is crucial for the service life and performance of multi-cavity moulds. High-quality steels with high wear resistance and heat resistance are necessary for multi-cavity moulds to withstand the demands of the injection moulding process. Our experts can choose from numerous materials and suppliers to optimise the service life of your multi-cavity mould.
  3. Quality control: To ensure that the manufactured parts meet your specifications and standards, we carry out thorough quality checks. This includes simulations and analyses not only during the design phase, but also during production using our high-quality measuring machines, as well as testing the parts for dimensional accuracy and surface properties as part of sampling.
  4. The matching injection moulding machine: Suitable injection moulding machines must be selected for multi-cavity moulds to enable smooth production. This requires precise coordination of the mould parameters such as screw type, injection pressure and temperature with the operating conditions of the machine. We will be happy to advise you on how we can best utilise your machinery.
  5. Maintenance and servicing: To ensure optimum performance, multi-cavity moulds must be regularly inspected, serviced and maintained by our experts. This includes cleaning and, if necessary, repairing or replacing components to ensure quality and reliability. On request, we also manufacture spare parts kits such as individual nests, slides, or ejectors.

Your contact for multi-cavities

Florian Leißler
Head of Multi-Cavity Molds
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