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Controlled Dosing CapLübecker Kunststoffwerk GmbH/ ALPLA Group

Optimization and construction of a high-performance injection mold for the manufacture of food closures in accordance with recycling legislation for Lübecker Kunststoffwerk GmbH.

CDC: Controlled Dosing Cap für die Lübecker Kunststoffwerk GmbH / ALPLA Group
Nachhaltige, mit Spirtzguss-Werkzeug hergestellte Lebensmittel-Kappe

The customer

Lübecker Kunststoffwerk GmbH develops and manufactures caps and closures for the food and beverage industry in Föritztal, Thuringia. As part of the globally active ALPLA Group, it focuses on innovative and recyclable packaging solutions with the highest of quality standards.

The task

The aim was to create a single-variety food closure to comply with future legislation for 100% recyclable packaging. To ensure recyclability, the design of the ‘Controlled Dosing Cap’ (CDC) had to exclude the traditionally used valve or silicone membrane. The intended mono-material is a fully recyclable food-grade polypropylene (PP).

At the same time, the new packaging solution should enable the consumer to effortlessly dispense viscous foods, such as ketchup and mayonnaise, in a controlled manner and without dripping. Standard quality requirements for food packaging in terms of look and feel should also be fulfilled in equal measure.

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The solution

Based on the conceptual foundation of Lübecker Kunststoffwerk GmbH, Hofmann first built a prototype tool in order to perfect the tool design in consultation with the customer. Particular attention was paid to the usability of the CDC, as the user should not notice any difference in its use compared to the current cap with a silicone membrane. In addition, the weight of the cap was reduced during the optimization process while still maintaining stability.

Following optimization, Hofmann flawlessly realized the final close-to-production mold in accordance with the design data and ALPLA’s patented cap shape.

geschlossene, recycelbare Lebensmittelkappe, hergestellt mit einem Spritzgusswerkzeug der Siegfried Hofmann GmbH

The accomplishment

The result is a food-safe PP closure that can be used to dispense viscous foods effortlessly, does not drip and is fully recyclable.

ALPLA’s patented spiral shape inside the cap eliminates the need for additional materials such as valves or membranes, fulfilling the new legislation regarding full recyclability of the packaging.

During production, the cap’s undercut thread is forcibly demolded by multi-stage ejection, resulting in a smooth and pleasing finish for maximum consumer comfort. Furthermore, the cap is closed during the injection molding process, eliminating the need for additional time-consuming processing steps. Thus, the CDC can be directly screwed onto a filled container following production.

As an ALPLA standard closure, the CDC meets the requirements of the market and is therefore suitable for a wide range of food packaging, meaning Lübecker Kunststoffwerk GmbH is in the position to easily offer the closure to its customers for a wide range of applications and a variety of uses.

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