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Auslieferung BEAD.MACHINE auf LKW

Hofmann delivers the first BEAD.MACHINEs

The Siegfried Hofmann GmbH has successfully delivered several BEAD.MACHINE particle foam moulding machines. The in-house product combines high product quality with low resource input and high flexibility.

Two years after the official launch of its own product, the BEAD.MACHINE, Siegfried Hofmann GmbH has successfully delivered the first particle foam moulding machines. Four different customers from the consumer goods, automotive, sports and lifestyle sectors can now offer particle foam products with unique surface structures – with surprisingly low resource input and maximum customisation options.

Due to the compact footprint of approximately 5.8 sqm, the BEAD.MACHINEs were easily transported in one piece by truck to their final location. This saves time and logistical effort and, thanks to the plug-and-produce system, enables a quick start of production at the customer’s site.

Versandvorbereitete BEAD.MACHINE

“The BEAD.MACHINE opens the way to greener particle foam processing for product designs that were previously impossible to implement,” says Stefan Hofmann, Managing Director of Siegfried Hofmann GmbH. “We are pleased to enable more sustainable particle foam production with this machine – while maintaining the highest standards in product quality, price awareness and reproducibility.”

“We are already receiving enquiries for further areas of application in combination with automation solutions,” adds Benedikt Bechmann, member of the management board and head of the machinery and plant engineering division. “Due to our many years of experience in mechanical engineering, we have the corresponding power to expand our portfolio accordingly.”

The BEAD.MACHINE produces particle foam mouldings in a particularly sustainable, cost-effective manner and in short cycle times thanks to the low use of steam, water and compressed air. This effect occurs both with classically manufactured moulds, but especially with 3D-printed ones. High dimensional accuracy, surface quality and reproducibility are also a matter of course thanks to the precisely controllable electric motors. Together with the many usable materials such as EPP, EPA, ETPU, EPS or EPE, which can also be combined with inserts, the BEAD.MACHINE offers a strong overall package for the plastics industry.

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